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In-laws confess to throwing widow off cliff for not sharing money

In-laws confess to throwing widow off cliff for not sharing money

In a shocking confession statement recorded by Alpuri police, a family admitted to having killed their daughter-in-law by throwing her off a 2,000-feet cliff in Shangla, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

21-year-old Rasheeda, who had been married to her husband for six years, lost him to a coal mine explosion about seven months ago. As compensation, she had received Rs500,000 from the mining company.

Shangla District Police Officer Rahat Ullah elaborated that Rasheeda's in-laws had had their eyes on the money and had suspected Rasheeda was going to give the amount to her parents instead.

They believed that they were the rightful beneficiaries of the Rs500,000 compensation awarded to their slain son's next-of-kin, he said.

A week ago, Rasheeda's father had reported to the police that he suspected his daughter's death was a murder, not an accident, as was reported in local newspapers.

Following Rasheeda's father's hunch, the police began investigating. After visiting the crime scene at least thrice, the police moved to arrest and interrogate Rasheeda's mother-in-law, Zarsanga, father-in-law, Jehan Gul, and their two children.

The murder confession came after a week of investigation.

The culprits, according to the police, are still under arrest and will be charged soon.

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