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Mazari boycotts NA standing committee, says chairman 'deliberately sought to humiliate' her

Mazari boycotts NA standing committee, says chairman 'deliberately sought to humiliate' her

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) MNA Shireen Mazari on Tuesday boycotted the National Assembly Standing Committee on Rule of Procedure and Privileges in protest of the committee chairman's dismissal of her complaint against the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) and her subsequent 'treatment' by an IESCO official present at the meeting.

In a strongly worded letter to the chairman of the committee, the PTI's chief whip in the NA alleged that the chairman "deliberately sought to humiliate" her when she approached the committee to take notice of IESCO cutting power to her house "despite a court stay order", which, she said, required her to get a bailiff to bring IESCO staff to reconnect my electricity forthwith.

The PTI MNA claimed that the chairman allowed an IESCO bureaucrat present at the meeting to be "rude and offensive" while he himself allegedly refused to hear her side of the story "in an aggressive and unacceptable manner".

Citing an earlier incident, Mazari claimed the chairman saw the loss of a PML-N MNA's "excess baggage on a PIA flight from overseas... as a clear breach of privilege" although, she notes, baggage handlers would not have been aware the luggage belonged to an MNA.

However, she states, that when her case was brought before the committee, the members had 'chosen to play politics' and not categorise her case as a breach of privilege.

"Clearly, your discussion on the issues is coloured by party affiliations of the MNAs, which is unfortunate and undermines your committee's credibility," she told the chairman, announcing that she would not participate in any more committee meetings.

"I will not be appearing before your committee anymore as I am not prepared to subject myself to your political point scoring," Mazari concluded in her letter.

"I have decided to register my complaint against your behaviour and the treatment meted out to me, a fellow MNA, formally as part of the committee's record and also to make the Speaker aware of the situation," she added. .

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