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Dasti medical exam says MNA was not 'tortured' in jail

Dasti medical exam says MNA was not 'tortured' in jail

A medical report of Awami Raj Party MNA Jamshed Ahmed Dasti issued by the Punjab Government on Friday revealed that no marks of violence were found during the MNA's examination.

The examination report prepared by a board of five doctors from District Headquarters Hospital, found there were no visible marks of violence on the MNA's body.

In a video broadcast a day earlier, a seemingly agitated Dasti, who was remanded for six days to police custody on June 23, alleged that he is being tortured and starved by police.

He claimed he was beaten up by the police and that rats and scorpions were often released into his jail cell as a means of torturing him.

Dasti, who was arrested by police minutes before he was scheduled to be released from jail after an Anti-Terrorism Court approved his bail application in a different case, also alleged that he was being framed and false cases had been registered against him.

Following the video broadcast, the Punjab Government decided to conduct the medical examination of the MNA, who had also complained of chest pain and toothache.

The dental surgeon consulted during the examination said there are no marks of violence and the toothache being experienced by Dasti is not related to torture, the report says.

Similarly, the cardiologist consulted stated in the report that the MNA did not have any "any active cardiac problem".

Dasti, who was kept at the Dera Ghazi Khan Central Jail, was moved to the Sargodha District Jail on Wednesday.

In the video recorded from the prison van, Mr Dasti appealed to chief justices of the Supreme Court and the Lahore High Court, requesting them to take notice of the condition he was being detained in. He claimed that the police had not given him food for six days and that he was being kept in solitary confinement.

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