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Vendor kidnapped for charging ‘high price’ for fruit

Vendor kidnapped for charging ‘high price’ for fruit

ISLAMABAD: The Koral police arrested four people while they were moving someone they had kidnapped.

According to the FIR of the case, available with Dawn, a fruit merchant, Ramzan Hussein had a disagreement with the accused regarding fruit prices at Khanna Bridge. The dispute was settled when other traders got involved.

However, the accused persons came back in their car half an hour later, beat Mr Hussein, held him at gun point and forced him into the car.

According to Mr Hussein, two of the kidnappers sat on either side of him in the car, which was driving towards Rawat.

The complainant has said he was blindfolded as well.

A police official said officers on duty saw that a passenger in the car had been blindfolded which is why they started chasing the car and stopped it.

They confirmed from the victim that he was being kidnapped before arresting the accused persons.

Two days physical remand has been obtained for all four suspects from a magistrate.

However, initial investigation suggests the accused were not professional kidnappers and lifted the fruit vendor because they were insulted by him.

Published in Dawn, July 1st, 2017

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