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System not under threat, but Nawaz is: Bilawal Bhutto

System not under threat, but Nawaz is: Bilawal Bhutto

There seems to be no threat to the system, as is being claimed, but Nawaz Sharif himself is undoubtedly in trouble, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto said while speaking to the media on Friday.

"PPP has never supported the PML-N but we always come forward for democracy," Bilawal said on whether his party will support Nawaz in his struggle.

"When in government, Mian [Nawaz Sharif] sahab forgets the Charter of Democracy and the social contract," but suddenly begins talking about it once out of power, he said.

"It appears to be a drama to me," Bilawal said regarding Sharif's attempts at creating a narrative about a conspiracy against him while addressing supporters during his 'homecoming' rally.

"Had you taken up this narrative from the beginning, things would have been different. But it appears that you want to hide behind the oppression of [Zulfikar Ali] Bhutto shaheed and Bibi [Benazir Bhutto] shaheed and we will not let that happen," he added, addressing Nawaz.

Responding to another question, he said that he believed that there should never be any cross-institutional interference, "but what was the role of the establishment or the judiciary in the Panamagate issue?" he asked. "It is a bit disingenuous to link the two. The establishment did not plant the Panama Papers story."

While criticising the judiciary and the ex-premier for the latter's criticism of "five 'honourable' judges", Bilawal said that "it appears that contempt of court applies only to the PPP."

He also vowed that the PPP will return stronger in the upcoming general elections, irrespective of when they are held.

Defending his party's dismal performance in 2013, he said "[former] president Zardari was barred from campaigning by a political judge" and recalled that the Taliban had issued threats to the PPP while allowing the PTI, PML-N and Jamaat-i-Islami to campaign freely.

During his talk, Bhutto expressed his concern over the rising number of missing persons cases in Sindh. Condemning the incidents, he said that he had asked the Government of Sindh for the reason behind the disappearances.

"I have asked the Senate's human rights committee to take up the issue as well," he added.

Defending the recently-introduced accountability law for Sindh, Bhutto said that the right to legislate on the matter had been transferred to provinces after devolution of powers.

"When the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has the right to bring its own accountability bill, why do we not have the same right?" he asked.

He also assured that the new new law in Sindh would be much better than the National Accountability Ordinance.

"The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) blackmails people and is involved in plea bargains, which allows for it to pocket some [money] and leave the rest with others [culprits]."

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