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Heavy rains, high animal prices fail to dampen collective qurbani spirit

Heavy rains, high animal prices fail to dampen collective qurbani spirit

KARACHI: Heavy rains and high animal prices have not affected collective qurbani as bookings at various mosques, welfare institutions and madressahs have either increased or remained the same as they were last year.

These institutions have already raised price per share of cow by Rs200 to Rs11,550 besides pushing up goat price by Rs1,000 this year.

Some of them have already closed their bookings while others are looking to achieve their booking targets by Friday amid forecast of more rains. They said they have enough room or better arrangements within their mosques and madressahs for animal sacrifice while others are searching for extra spaces in case rains continue on Friday and Saturday.

Joint Secretary General of the Alamgir Welfare Trust International Shakeel Dehlavi said, “Our trust in Karachi will slaughter 2,300 goats and 350 cows/buffaloes this year. The number is more or less the same as it was last year.”

He, however, said that price per share of big animals has been increased to Rs11,550 from Rs10,500 in 2016 while the price of goat has been raised to Rs12,500 from Rs11,500.

He said no extra arrangement was made this year due to which the number of animals had been kept the same as it was last year.

The official added that the share of overseas Pakistanis stands at 15 per cent who book animals online urging the trust to distribute meat among the needy.

He said that in view of more rain forecasts for Fri­day and Saturday, the trust is looking for extra spaces for sacrificing animals to avoid any problem in the operation of joint sacrifice.

Saylani Welfare Trust’s operation manager Mohammad Naeem said the trust in Karachi has booked 1,000 cows and 4,000 goats so far; the numbers were 1,500 cows and 3,500 goats by this time last year.

“We will achieve our target of 1,500 cows in Karachi as booking is still going on for second and third day of Eid,” he added. However, in 40 centres countrywide, the target of cows is 2,500 and goats is 8,000.

The price per share of cow has been jacked up to Rs8,700 this year from last year’s Rs8,000 while goat price has been raised to Rs12,000 from Rs11,000 due to rise in butcher fee, transportation, fodder price etc.

Maulana Iftikhar Ahmed, teacher at Baitul Mukkaram Mosque in Gulshan-i-Iqbal, said, “We will slaughter around 475 cows this year as compared to last year’s 450. We have kept the price per share of cow stagnant at Rs8,500 since last three years.”

Mufti Abdul Razzak at Darul Uloom Naeemia F.B. Area said that due to heavy rains and thunderstorm, the number of cows to be slaughtered this year is 315, almost same as last year.

Amid rise in butcher charges and other expenses, the price of cow per share has been slightly raised to Rs9,600 this year from last year’s Rs9,400, he said.

Abdullah Siddiqui, who is in charge of bookings at Darul Uloom Karachi, said around 350 cows will be sacrificed this year as compared to last year’s 300 and the rate per share of cow has been kept unchanged at Rs8,500.

Joint animal sacrifice has gained popularity in the last few years as people living in high-rise apartments and congested areas prefer this mode of hassle-free sacrifice due to lack of space.

Published in Dawn, September 1st, 2017

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