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In Beijing, Ahsan Iqbal urges global cooperation to tackle terrorism, international crime

In Beijing, Ahsan Iqbal urges global cooperation to tackle terrorism, international crime

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Tuesday urged global cooperation in the fight against terrorism and international crime at the 86th General Assembly of Interpol in Beijing, according to, an authorised Chinese government portal.

"The growing challenge of globalisation at all levels requires a collaborative approach to tackle terrorism, cybercrime, narcotics trade and human smuggling," quoted the minister saying at the assembly.

"Today terrorists and criminals are forming global networks which require strong global collaboration between crime-fighting organisations," Iqbal said, adding that Pakistan is working on modernising its police force in order to meet the challenges presented by international crime rings and terrorism.

Highlighting Pakistan's successes in the fight against terrorism, the minister said that the country is willing to share its experiences with the global community in an effort to increase cooperation, said.

"Pakistan is strongly committed to the charter of Interpol and looks forward to working with the international community for promoting peace and security," Iqbal was quoted as saying.

During his speech, Iqbal said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor would open economic opportunities to the region and therefore, facilitate the promotion of regional stability.

The minister also endorsed Chinese President Xi Jinping's vision of global security governance, saying that it was the need of the hour. He also welcomed Xi's announcement that China is committed to helping developing countries fight crime.

Pakistan has raised a 10,000-personnel strong special force for the protection of Chinese workers in Pakistan, Iqbal told the Assembly.

Earlier, as he opened the Interpol General Assembly, the Chinese president proposed enhanced reforms and innovation, sticking to the rule of law and mutual benefits, reported.

"Countries and inter-governmental organisations should shoulder the main responsibilities of security governance, while non-governmental organisations, multi-nationals and civil society are encouraged to jointly work for it," Xi suggested.

"Countries, while maintaining their own security, should take into account other countries' security," Xi said, urging major countries to support underdeveloped countries and regions in meeting their security and development objectives.

On the sidelines of the Interpol summit, Iqbal held talks with his counterparts from Russia, Turkey and Tajikistan, reported.

Over 100 countries, including 40 ministers from various countries, attended the Interpol assembly in Beijing, according to

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