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Maryam meets Hamza, Shahbaz Sharif at Model Town residence

Maryam meets Hamza, Shahbaz Sharif at Model Town residence

Former first daughter Maryam Nawaz on Tuesday met her uncle, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, and his son, Hamza Shahbaz, at their residence in Model Town Lahore on Tuesday, DawnNews reported.

Maryam's husband, retired captain Muhammad Safdar, was also present during the meeting.

The former premier's daughter and Shahbaz Sharif reportedly discussed matters of mutual interest as well as the political situation in the country.

During the meeting, the Punjab chief minister said that there should be no confrontations between institutions because the state cannot afford it. He insisted that the government must serve the public as much as possible.

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Maryam Nawaz later tweeted about the meeting, saying that she had a "lavish afternoon tea" at her uncle's house, adding that she was "surprised" that the media was portraying the meeting in a negative manner.

She warned that "those who hope to drive a wedge" between the family will "remain unsuccessful.

Rumours about a rift between the Sharif brothers and their families have been circulating for the past few months after Nawaz changed his decision to allow Shahbaz to contest for his NA-120 seat.

They gained more momentum after Shahbaz's wife Tehmina Durrani lashed out at Nawaz on Twitter for holding a rally on GT Road after his disqualification.

Hamza's absence from Begum Kulsoom Nawaz's NA-120 election campaign -- he had returned to Pakistan on October 5 after a month and a half in London and the US -- was also noticed by many. Before Maryam took over the NA-120 campaign, Hamza, who is considered Shahbaz's deputy in the province, had left for London, allowing ‘full liberty’ to her to look after the affairs in the constituency.

“Hamza too will return once the election in NA-120 is over,” a source had said at the time.

The rumours were always rejected by Maryam, who insisted that “the whole family” was supporting her mother's campaign.

“I am representing the whole Sharif family. My father (Nawaz Sharif) and uncle (Shahbaz Sharif) are out of the country but they are supporting me. I had experience of running the campaign for my father in NA-120; now my mother’s campaign is being run by the people of the constituency,” she had said.

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