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Rehman Malik asks PML-N should avoid policy of confrontation

Rehman Malik asks PML-N should avoid policy of confrontation

LAHORE: Pakistan Peoples Party leader Rehman Malik has cautioned the PML-N that confrontational politics may be damaging for the country as well as the ruling party.

“Confrontational politics may not be good for the homeland and the PML-N and the ruling party should avoid taking the path of confrontation,” the PPP senator and former interior minister said while talking to the media here on Sunday.

He said: “If ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif is sincere [with democracy] then he should offer sacrifice for it like the PPP which is continuously offering sacrifices for the country and democracy.”

He termed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor a successful project and criticised India for conspiring to get the trade route closed while nowhere in the world trade routes are closed.

He said both Washington and New Delhi were plotting against the project and were running campaigns against it but he claimed that despite all these conspiracies the project was safe and intact.

He also chided Washington for goading Islamabad into doing more on the Afghan front and questioned that when the US with all its military might could not eliminate Haqqani network from Afghanistan then it didn’t have the right to ask Pakistan to accomplish the job.

The former interior minister said New Delhi was involved in the Balochistan unrest and it’s lobbying against the country. He urged the government to take the issue to the United Nations for destabilising a sovereign country.

Published in Dawn, November 20th, 2017

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