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Burned body of woman found in car near Hyderabad city

Burned body of woman found in car near Hyderabad city

The charred body of a woman was recovered from a burnt car in the early hours of Thursday in the Tando Jam area near Hyderabad.

According to Senior Superintendent Police Hyderabad Pir Muhammad, it is believed that the woman was murdered and her body was placed in the car which was then driven to a street and set on fire.

Station House Officer Husri Ibrahim Samoon said that the woman was later identified as PML-Functional women wing leader Saira Naseer. Moreover, police have taken DNA samples to confirm the identity of the deceased.

“She was a divorcee. Her former husband Zaheer was called along with her daughters to identify her, who identified her through her belongings”, said SSP Hyderabad Pir Mohammad Shah.

SSP Shah said, “The point that lends credence to the assumption that Saira Naseer was murdered is the fact that her mobile numbers reportedly remained continuously switched off [before the incident].”

An investigation into the matter is underway, DawnNews reported.

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