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Video of PTI MPA Dr Imran Shah slapping a man in Karachi goes viral

Video of PTI MPA Dr Imran Shah slapping a man in Karachi goes viral

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf MPA Dr Imran Ali Shah on Tuesday was caught on video while slapping a man during a heated argument on a Karachi road.

In a video that went viral on social media, Dr Shah could be seen slapping a citizen while his guards looked on. The video drew much ire on social media and prompting the PTI MPA to release a video message in which he is seen telling his side of the story.

The PTI MPA later released a video clarifying his stance regarding the viral video. According to Dr Imran, he was driving by when he saw a man "repeatedly hit the back of a poor man's car and stopped him."

He then proceeded to ask the man to "apologise to the poor man." According to Dr Imran, once the men were all dispersing, "the man I had called out abused me and pushed me."

Dr Imran said that he "pushed" the man in response, while in the video he is clearly seen slapping the citizen. His guards are then seen restricting the citizen from following Dr Ismail as he walks to his car and drives away.

The PTI MPA then goes on to say in his video clarification that he apologises "if he hurt anyone's feelings" but he "could not stand and watch violence take place like this."

In the video, Dr Imran also repeatedly said that the incident had not occurred because the man had not hit his car.

On the other hand, PTI's Karachi wing president Dr Firdous Naqvi tweeted that he had seen the viral video and he is probing the matter.

He also said that Dr Imran has been issued a show-cause notice and he will "let everyone know of the future course of action."

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