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SC disqualifies PML-N's member of KP Assembly for possessing fake degree

The Supreme Court on Thursday disqualified a member of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, belonging to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, after finding him guilty of possessing a bogus degree.

A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar heard the case pertaining to the fake degree of PML-N’s Zia-ur-Rehman.

During the course of proceedings, Justice Nisar asked Rehman about his qualification, to which the PML-N leader said that he had studied Hadith and Fiqah from a seminary.

Upon this the chief justice asked Rehman to recite any five Hadith in Arabic, however, the PML-N leader could not recite a single Hadith.

“How can you complete matric and a religious course from seminary in the same year?” questioned Justice Nisar.

“Moreover, the head of the seminary has informed the apex court that you never completed any course from there,” the chief justice told Rehman

Subsequently, the bench observed that the degree of Rehman was fake and he was not liable to remain a member of the provincial assembly.

While disqualifying PML-N’s Rehman, the bench disposed of the case.

It is pertinent to mention that Zia had emerged victorious from PK-30 Mansehra-I during the July 25 general election.

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