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Are evaporative air coolers as ‘cool’ as you think?

KARACHI: Every year during the summer months there is a rise in the sales of air conditioners. There is also a rise in sales of air coolers, which, as their name suggests, also give off cool air and are a far cheaper solution to beat the heat.

Unlike air conditioners, which are far more complicated with chiller pipes, gas, compressors, etc, air coolers, or evaporative air coolers, run the air through water to reduce the air temperature as the water evaporates. But they need water for that.

Some also add ice to the water being poured in to make them more effective. But the problem here is that they add to the humidity. That’s why they are also called desert coolers as they suit dry climates, which can always do with a little extra humidity. Thus they are not really recommended for humid areas.

Still, the fact that they are far cheaper than air conditioners has prompted people living in humid areas such as Karachi also to go for them. And these days they are doing so in a big way. The markets here have been flooded with several kinds of air coolers.

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