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  • Weeklong cultural festival underway in Nagar

    GILGIT: The weeklong Nagar cultural festival is underway at the famous tourist point of Hoper valley with a view to revive cultural heritage of the district and boost tourism...

    The event is organised by the local community and youth organisations
  • Preet Nagar

    IT is difficult to recapture the fervour and idealism of the Muslims of the 1940s when the idea of Pakistan took hold of their collective imagination...

    Yet it represented a continuum of the eternal quest for an ‘intended’ social order that had begun with Plato’s Republic, although utopias depicting peaceful peasant societies and forms of earthly paradises have existed in many early religions and societies
  • Hunza Nagar to export 28 tons of dried apricot to Japan

    ISLAMABAD: By the end of the year Hunza Nagar, also known as “Pakistan’s organic village”, plans to export around 28 tons of dried apricot to Japan...

    This has become possible due to a Japan-assisted project which promoted and encouraged value addition in the fruit and farming sector in Gilgit Baltistan
  • FrontRow: Return to Roshan Nagar

    Completing the sequel of her debut animated flick 3 Bahadur in less than two years was a big challenge for the two-time documentary Oscar-winning director, but Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy feels that when the team is right, things just fall into place...

    “Everybody associated with the 3 Bahadur franchise contributed to the film because that’s how projects succeed,” says Sharmeen
  • New infection cases declining in Nagar

    GILGIT: Commander FCNA Maj-Gen Ehsan Mehmood Khan along with Gilgit-Baltistan chief secretary, top civil and military officials visited the Nagar district to review Covid-19 situation...

    He was informed that the number of patients was declining in the district, which has been the hardest hit by coronavirus
  • Four killed in missile strike on Yemeni clinic

    DUBAI: A missile strike on a Doctors Without Borders clinic in Yemen killed at least four people on Sunday, the group said, condemning what it called a “worrying pattern” of such attacks...

    The Paris-based medical humanitarian organisation said three of its staff members were among 10 people wounded in the raid, the third of its kind in four months in the war-ravaged country
  • Gunman kills three in attack at US clinic

    COLORADO: A gunman who opened fire inside a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic was arrested after engaging in gun battles with authorities during an hours-long standoff that killed three people and wounded nine others, officials said...

    Two people and a police officer with the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs were killed in the Friday rampage, law enforcement officials said
  • Swedish charity accuses Afghan troops of attacking clinic, killing three

    KABUL: A Swedish charity accused Afghan troops on Thursday of storming one of its clinics in the central province of Wardak, killing three people in what it said was a potential violation of international humanitarian law...

    The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) said the raid on its clinic in the Tangi Saidan area of the province on Wednesday night appeared to have been carried out by members of the Afghan National Army
  • Public-funded Pims emergency clinic delayed without reason

    ISLAMABAD: The emergency filter clinic, built with public donations in the government-run Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims), remains locked for no good reason...

    It was a bright initiative of the young doctors of teaching hospital who wanted to relieve their emergency department of the burden of the nearly 2,000 people brought daily, though most of them do not need emergency treatment
  • New filter clinic to reduce burden on Pims emergency

    Although the decision to build a filter clinic in the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) parking area was initially met with criticism, detractors have fallen silent since the new building was constructed...

    The building is not only well-planned and well-constructed, but the clinic is expected to reduce 60 to 70pc of the burden on the hospital’s emergency wing
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