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    Tyre Manufacturing Company In Hyderabad Marriage

  • Collaborative manufacturing in tyre business

    Several medium-sized Pakistani businessmen have invested small sums of money in what they call ‘collaborative manufacturing’ in India, China, Indonesia and elsewhere in East Asia...

    This is to produce ‘quality’ tyres of different sizes and specifications for the ‘replacement market’ at home
  • Hurdles in tyre industry expansion

    KARACHI: The Indian tyre industry is gearing up to capture world markets, while Pakistani counterparts are finding it hard to operate even in domestic market, which is 80 per cent dominated by smuggled and imported tyres...

    The local companies, not producing at their optimum capacity, provide tyres to assemblers/manufacturers of car, bus and trucks amid stiff competition from smuggled and imported brands because of price difference
  • Duty cut irks tyre makers

    KARACHI: A local tyre manufacturer has expressed concern over the budgetary proposal of reducing up to 40pc duty on imported tyres...

    The maker urged the government to devise a rational approach to spur growth and employment opportunities by supporting manufacturing and countering smuggling
  • Tyre dump fire near Madrid releases toxic cloud

    MADRID: A huge waste ground near Madrid where millions of tyres have been dumped was on fire on Friday, releasing a thick black cloud of toxic fumes that officials worry could harm residents nearby...

    The government of the Castilla-La Mancha region where the dump is located, just dozens of kilometres south of the Spanish capital, said it had activated an emergency action plan
  • Dengue: warning to tyre traders

    LAHORE: The town municipal officials have given a warning to Naulakha tyre market traders to follow the dengue regulations and standard operating procedures or face sealing of their shops...

    The warning was given to the traders in a meeting held at the market on Thursday
  • Local manufacturing of mobile handsets from April

    ISLAMABAD: A Chinese manufacturer will launch its mobile handset manufacturing and assembling unit in April (Pakistan’s first), a senior official at Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication said on Monday...

    The manufacturer — China’s Haier — is already operating in the country and has established a laptop manufacturing unit in Lahore
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