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Cameraman takes down Usain Bolt after 200m win

Cameraman takes down Usain Bolt after 200m win

BEIJING: When time came for Usain Bolt to celebrate a record 10th world championship title, a clumsy cameraman got a little too close for comfort.

A man riding a two-wheel vehicle and holding a video camera upended Bolt in the excitement of the celebrations of his 200-meter victory on Thursday, losing control after hitting a metal rail on the side of the track and barging into Bolt from behind.

Bolt tumbled to the ground, flipped over to get back on his feet and then briefly held his left leg. He then walked back to the cameraman to make sure he was okay, too.

Plenty of excitement after yet another exciting race on the track at the Bird's Nest.

Bolt held on to beat Justin Gatlin in a tight race down the finishing straight. Looking left and failing to see any red from Gatlin's jersey, Bolt lifted both arms and punched his thumbs into his chest to show once again he is the greatest sprinter of all time.

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