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How you curate your Instagram tells your age

How you curate your Instagram tells your age

As it is the case in real life, teenagers and adults also behave differently on social media. In the case of Instagram in particular, there is one habit that gives away your age bracket: deleting photos that don’t get enough likes.

New findings by researchers at the Penn State University show that teenagers like to prune their own feeds by removing unpopular photos and keeping only those that have sufficient number of likes.

Dongwon Lee, an associate professor in the school’s College of Information Sciences and Technology, says that “teens want to be very popular so they’re very conscious of the likes they’re getting.”

Researchers also found that adults post about more diverse topics, while younger users post more about their “mood or personal well being.”

The studies analysed over 500 million Instagram users. The photo sharing platform is based on the Application Programming Interface (API), which allows third parties to gather information about activity on the site, making it easier for researchers to work with the data.

Story credit: The Atlantic

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