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Times Group asks college girls to ditch books and whittle their waistlines

Times Group asks college girls to ditch books and whittle their waistlines

The Times Group likes its princesses too little for most people's liking.

For its annual beauty pageant 'College Princess', the call for entries on Facebook said to the hopefuls: 'If you’re a size ten, well you need a dietitian.'

The condescending tone continued throughout the post, which delineated a cookie cutter version of the perfect college girl:

"...If you prefer books my dear, good luck with your career.

If you are below 18 or above 27, then darling you need to be born again.

If you‘re shorter than 5’5”, you have missed the cut.

If you're none of the above, but you’re smoking hot, with a killer bod and coupled with a striking personality and attributes we consider 'Appropriate.'

Baby then you have a chance to be the next:

Campus Princess"

The post, of course, provoked the ire of many on social media, which resulted in its taking down by the organisers.

According to Quartz, this is what a spokesperson for Campus Princess had to say: “It was supposed to be taken in good humour. We at the organisation don’t really believe in objectification of women or stereotyping beauty.”

The Campus Princess pageant is a biannual event that is a precursor to the Times Group’s other two prominent pageants: Miss India and Miss Diva.

“That post basically spoke about the eligibility criteria which is in place, and as every contest has certain rules and regulations, even we have a certain criteria in place,” he told Quartz. “These criteria are not something that we decide upon. These are international criteria, and decided by say a Miss World Organisation or a Miss Universe Organisation.”

Netizens, however, were not convinced:

Some matched the post's condescension with sass of their own:

Some knew better than to complain at all:

While the Times Group was quick to explain itself, no one will be really surprised if they pull a stunt like this again.

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