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I won't work in a film unless I like the script: Kareena Kapoor

I won't work in a film unless I like the script: Kareena Kapoor

In recent months, Kareena Kapoor has been raising eyebrows with her career choices. The actress, who is notorious for rejecting roles such as the female leads in Ram-Leela and Chennai Express, has once again come under fire for walking out of Rajkumar Gupta's thriller, Section 84.

This time, the criticism is a little different; it's coming from her fans!

The actress had limited screen time in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and rumour has it that even her roles in the upcoming Singham 2 and Gabbar are going to be 'blink-and-miss' appearances. It's not surprising that her admirers miss her and decided to pen a open letter to the star expressing their disappointment.

The following is an excerpt from the emotionally charged letter: “It seems that film budgets and box-office figures have greatly affected your career’s route and your choice to experiment with roles. Although your love for masala films is understandable, your well-wishers find it hard to content themselves with secondary roles and short screen times for the talented superstar that you are and that we support so vehemently.”

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That wasn't the end of it. The letter goes on to tackle points like Kapoor possibly letting her career take the backseat because of her marriage and how fans can't think of any recent meaty performances delivered by the actress.

Although the Jab We Met actress is usually MIA from social media platforms, the news of the open letter did get back to her, an issue she addressed during an interview with a newspaper.

“I don’t understand why is there such a big hue and cry about me not doing the film. I don’t know why people are going crazy if I have said no. To be honest, I was not convinced by the script at all. I am sure that I won’t work in a film I don’t like at the script level. Seriously, even if I don’t have a single film in hand, I won’t do a film unless its script is really good,” she stated.

Bebo sure doesn't spare any feelings. We wonder who Gupta is going to cast now for Section 84 after such a non-endorsement.

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