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Beef ban: Indian guest house removes 'beef' from menu after 'hardliner' complaint

Beef ban: Indian guest house removes 'beef' from menu after 'hardliner' complaint

NEW DELHI: A complaint about "beef curry" being served at the official state guest house of Kerala in Delhi sent a large team of policemen to the place on Monday evening, reported NDTV.

The police said they responded immediately to the complaint to prevent any "trouble".

The police team remained at the Kerala House for several hours and spoke to the staff, who said that only buffalo meat was being served as "beef", which is not illegal.

A senior police officer, Jatin Narwal said, "We dealt with the matter with necessary alertness and took our position. The objective was to ensure that law and order is not disrupted."

"It was a preventive measure. The police went to the canteen and informed the staff of the complaint, but did not collect any samples from the canteen," another police officer said.

Reports say the Kerala House has stopped serving buffalo meat for now.

The caller had claimed to be from a fringe right-wing group.

The complaint was reportedly made by an activist of the Hindu Sena, which was involved in an ink attack last week on Jammu and Kashmir lawmaker Engineer Rashid, over his beef party in Srinagar.

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