Your WhatsApp Support Queries May Soon Be Handled By AI: What It Means
Your WhatsApp Support Queries May Soon Be Handled By AI: What It Means
A new report suggests that WhatsApp is working to bring an AI-powered support system for user queries. Here’s what this may accomplish.

WhatsApp, the popular Meta-owned chat app, continues to receive new features to keep the experience fresh and efficient. Over the past year, the app has undergone a transformative experience, introducing features like Channels, Passkeys for login, and the ability to lock chats using a secret code. Meta is reportedly working on another useful feature—AI-assisted customer query resolution.

According to WABetaInfo, known for its WhatsApp-centric coverage, the app may soon offer AI-generated answers to users’ queries submitted in the support section. This feature is currently in development for Android and is also expected to be available for iOS, as seen in the WhatsApp beta for iOS update from the TestFlight app.

The report mentions that “some messages from WhatsApp Support may be generated by AI using secure technology from Meta,” ensuring that users can receive assistance and access important information even when human support isn’t available.

If a user’s query remains unresolved with AI assistance, they still have the option to contact a real human consumer representative by replying to the AI-generated message, indicating the need for further assistance, as stated by WABetaInfo. This could be ideal for scenarios where human intervention isn’t needed, and may help both the user and WhatsApp in the long run.

This feature aims to help users resolve issues outside of business hours and reduce waiting times. However, the launch date for this technology is unclear, as it is not yet part of the beta version.

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