Apple WWDC 2024: Meme Machine in Full Swing After Company Calculates AI Hype, Drops Math Bombshell
Apple WWDC 2024: Meme Machine in Full Swing After Company Calculates AI Hype, Drops Math Bombshell
Apple WWDC 2024: Memes 'update' social media after company unveils crazy AI features in the event.

Apple has launched a new era of AI—dubbed Apple Intelligence—which represents the company’s brand for the AI-powered features that will soon enhance its array of devices. During WWDC 2024, Apple detailed AI-assisted tools for writing, image editing, and organisation, offering a sneak peek into what Apple Intelligence promises.

And in a twist that sent the internet into a meme-making frenzy, the reveal wasn’t just about AI. The iPad, shockingly absent of a Calculator app for so long, will finally get its own in iPadOS 18 this fall. This long-awaited addition had fans buzzing, proving once again that even the simplest updates can ignite excitement.

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Initially, Apple Intelligence will cater to a selective audience. The new features will only be compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and any Mac or iPad equipped with Apple’s M series chips, leaving older devices on the sidelines.

At the conference, Apple showcased a variety of tools, including writing suggestions for apps like Mail, helping users with tone and document formatting. Image editing tools will enable users to create custom emojis and utilise an Image Playground for graphics generated from prompts. The photo editing tools feature a Magic Eraser-like function to remove background objects and an intelligent organisation tool that compiles photos and videos into a story based on user prompts.

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Beyond the fanfare of the AI reveal and the unexpected calculator update, WWDC continues to spotlight tools for developers who build applications for iPhones and Macs. The event offers the industry a glimpse into Apple’s broader priorities and future innovations. Historically, Apple has used this platform to introduce new products and resources, driving forward the creation of innovative applications and more.

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