'America Is Cancer That Spreads Illness': Illinois University Student's Speech Triggers Outrage | Video
'America Is Cancer That Spreads Illness': Illinois University Student's Speech Triggers Outrage | Video
Nusairat's LinkedIn profile says that he is pursuing Bachelor of Science - BS, Data Science with a Concentration in Computer Science at the university

A US student from the University of Illinois in Chicago is facing online backlash for a hateful rant in which he denounced America, the American government, and democracy as ‘cancers’ of the world.

Mohammad Nusairat, a Bachelor of Science student at the University, in his anti-America tirade, said, “Muslims are tired of this cancer and they’re tired of the American government.” Though he made these remarks in May, the video of his sermon is now going viral. Several social media users on ‘X’ slammed the student over the hateful speech.

“America is the cancer. America, the American government, secularism, democracy, capitalism, these are cancers that have spread their illness all over the world – in America and in the Middle East. In America, over here, people have the freedom to – again, as I’ve said before – commit zina but when you speak up, it’s a problem,” said Nusairat in a month-old speech. He was identified as a student of Muslim heritage by the Washington-based outlet MEMRI.

During his speech, Nusairat also said, “Now Muslims are tired of this cancer. They’re tired of the American government. They’re tired of democracy. They want to see a new way of life. And as Muslims, we have to understand, that we have that new way of life.”

“[The Messenger] was sent as a mercy for all of mankind. He was sent as a mercy. Why? Because the way of life he brought, will bring that mercy. The way of life he brought, will bring that tranquility, to Muslims and non-Muslims. Non-Muslims won’t have to worry about the issues they worry about now. You won’t have to. Because Islam is a just religion that has come to be implemented upon society,” he added.

The anti-American sentiment has spiked in the United States amid the ongoing war in Gaza. Muslim leaders have raised their voices against the Biden administration’s pro-Israel stance since the start of the conflict, triggered by the October 7 Hamas attack.

In the last few months, protest camps have sprung up on university campuses across the U.S. and in Europe as students demand their universities stop doing business with Israel or companies that support its war efforts. Organizers have sought to amplify calls to end Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza, which they describe as a genocide against the Palestinians.

Social Media Reaction

After the video of Nusairat’s speech went viral, he received widespread criticism on the internet. One of the users on X said, “His scholarship and student visa (if he has one) needs to be revoked immediately.” Another wrote, “Leave then. We don’t want anybody in the U.S. that hates our country. Leave and never come back.” “Why will someone tired of America be living in America? does anyone know why?” yet another asked.

One of the users remarked, “The bigger problem folks is while he can hate Israel, he is not a threat to them. He is in America, he is a threat to Americans. Israel takes care of their threats. America should take notes.” “Go to Gaza or Iran and start your new way of life. But you want to stay here in America, spit on our Constitution, and have America keep you up in the style to which you’ve become accustomed. When does free speech become sedition?”

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