How to Reach Bannerghatta National Park from Bangalore
How to Reach Bannerghatta National Park from Bangalore
Bannerghatta National Park is one of the well conserved animal sanctuaries in India and is a must-visit place in Bangalore. There are many things to see here, like the Grand Safari that will take you deep into the Forest, the Butterfly Park, the Butterfly and Animal Museum, and finally, the Zoo.

The main attraction of this park is Bears, Lions, White tigers, Bengal tigers, White peacocks and many more endangered species.

Reach the Kempegowda BMTC bus stand by 9AM morning.

Board bus no.365 or 365J from platform number 17, which directly goes to the Bannerghatta national park.

If you stay somewhere near Whitefield area in Bangalore, take a bus no.335 from Hope farm to Marathahalli bridge, bus no.500C from there to Jayadeva hospital junction and bus no.365 from there to the park.

Walk to the main ticket counter, pay Rs.260/ person if you want to go for the grand Safari that includes Bear safari, Tiger safari, Lion safari, Herbivorous safari and the zoo.

Pay Rs.25 for camera and Rs. 120 for video camera.

Pay Rs.80/person if you want to see only the zoo and not the Safari.

If you want to visit the Butterfly Park, walk up to the entry of the butterfly park and pay Rs.25/person and Rs.25 for camera (If not paid at the main gate)

Discount available for children between 5 years to 12 years (Rs.130), below 5 years (free), senior citizens over 60 years (Rs. 160, ID proof is must) and physically disabled, also foreign citizens can pay in US $

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