Trailer Of Siddu Jonnalagadda-starrer Tillu Square Shows DJ Tillu's Return To 'Dangerous' Situations
Trailer Of Siddu Jonnalagadda-starrer Tillu Square Shows DJ Tillu's Return To 'Dangerous' Situations
The trailer of Tillu Square, which also stars Anupama Parameswaran. was unveiled at Sree Ramulu Theatre in Hyderabad.

The creators of Mallik Ram’s DJ Tillu sequel, Tillu Square, have unveiled the trailer for the film. Siddu Jonnalagadda returns in the lead role, and this time, Anupama Parameswaran replaces Neha Shetty. Excitingly, after several postponements, the movie is set to premiere in cinemas on March 29.

The trailer, which runs for 3 minutes and 35 seconds, offers a peek into DJ Tillu’s return to perilous situations. Besides grappling with romantic feelings for a girl, he appears ready to brave danger for her sake. The trailer skillfully hints at Siddu’s character facing fresh challenges stemming from his love interest, without giving away too many details. Initially adamant about avoiding romantic entanglements to steer clear of trouble, he appears to falter upon encountering Anupama’s character. The kissing scenes depicted in the trailer are likely to captivate the target audience, while Anupama’s dialogue, ‘Good sex is like good food’ hints at the double dose of romance promised in the film.

When DJ Tillu premiered in 2022, it received a fantastic response, with Siddu’s catchphrase ‘atluntadi manathoni’ gaining popularity. Siddu also gained fame for his impeccable comedic timing, despite being an industry veteran. The debutant director Vimal Krishna helmed the original, but there was a change in directorship for the sequel.

The Tillu Square trailer was unveiled at Sree Ramulu Theatre in Hyderabad, attended by the film’s team. While Sricharan Pakala composed the music for DJ Tillu, Ram Miryala has taken over for the sequel, with Thaman S handling the background score.

Originally slated for a March 2023 release, Tillu Square was delayed until September of the same year. However, due to post-production setbacks, a new release date was set for February 2024. Subsequently, the film had to be postponed again to accommodate Eagle, which was delayed from Sankranthi.

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