'Aisa Mauka Phir Kahan Milega': PM Modi Pokes Fun at Kharge in 'Absence of 2 Special Commandos' | Top Quotes
'Aisa Mauka Phir Kahan Milega': PM Modi Pokes Fun at Kharge in 'Absence of 2 Special Commandos' | Top Quotes
Prime Minister Modi lashed out at the Congress party during his address to the Motion of Thanks in Rajya Sabha; Here are the Key Quotes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, during his address to the “Motion of Thanks” in Rajya Sabha, thanked Mallikarjun Kharge for the entertainment that the members of Parliament usually miss in Lok Sabha. The Prime Minister also took a jibe at Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and said that Kharge spoke so much as his “two special commandos were absent from House that day”.

“I could not say it that day but I express my special gratitude to Kharge ji. I was listening to him with great attention and enjoyment that day. The lack of entertainment that we were missing in the Lok Sabha was fulfilled by him,” PM Modi said in Rajya Sabha.

“Mallikarjun Kharge ji spoke in Rajya Sabha for a long time and I was thinking about how he got the chance to speak for a long time and then I realised that two special commanders were not there so he took the advantage of the situation. I think Kharge ji must have heard that song ‘Aisa mauka phir kaha milega’,” PM Modi added.

Intensifying his jibe at the Congress party over the ongoing clashes in the INDIA bloc, formed to oust the BJP out of power from the Centre, the Prime Minister brought in the reference of TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee’s recent remarks on the grand old party and said, “A challenge has been posed before Congress from West Bengal that the party will not be able to cross 40 (in Lok Sabha elections 2024). I pray that you can secure 40.”

PM Modi Attacks Congress During Motion of Thanks in Rajya Sabha | Top Quotes

  • Escalating his attack on the Opposition, PM Modi said, “I remember the incident from last year. We used to sit in that building and attempts were made to stifle the voices of the PM of the country. Today too, you have come prepared to not listen. But you can’t suppress my voice. People of the country have strengthened this voice. I too have come prepared this time.”
  • “When I hear them, both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, my belief is strengthened that the party (Congress) has become outdated even with their thinking,” PM Modi said, adding, “When their thinking has become outdated, they have outsourced their work. Such a huge party, which ruled the country for decades, is seeing such a downfall. We are not delighted, our sympathies with you. But what can the doctor do if the patient himself…what do I add?”
  • Lashing out at the Congress, PM Modi said, “They (Congress) that handed over a large part of our land to our enemies, the party which stopped the modernisation of the country’s armies long ago, is today giving us speeches on national and internal security.”
  • “The Congress that brought India’s economy from number 12 to number 11 in 10 years, we brought India’s economy to number 5 in just 10 years and this Congress is here to give us long speeches on economic policies,” PM Modi said in Rajya Sabha.
  • “Congress spread the narrative, as a result of which people who believed in Indian culture and values ​​started being viewed with an inferiority complex. The world knows very well where this narrative came from…’Made in Foreign’ was made a status symbol. These people can never talked about ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’.”
  • Slamming the grand old party. the Prime Minister said, “The Congress, in its greed for power, openly strangled democracy. The party dissolved democratically-elected governments overnight and jailed the Constitutional decorum. It has now acquired the habit of creating narratives of breaking the country. This was not enough, now they are making statements about breaking the north and south. And this Congress is lecturing us on democracy and federalism.”

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