Loki Season 2 Writer Says THESE Scenes Were Toughest To Write: 'I Have Pressure To...' | Exclusive
Loki Season 2 Writer Says THESE Scenes Were Toughest To Write: 'I Have Pressure To...' | Exclusive
Loki season 2 recently concluded. Writer Eric Martin sat down to talk about the toughest scenes he had to write in the MCU series and spoke about Indian cinema.

Warning: Loki Season 2 Spoilers Ahead: Loki season 2 starring Tom Hiddleston concluded recently and what an epic ending it was! The series, that began with the God of Mischeif exploring his ‘Glorious Purpose’ (the title of the first episode of season 1), ended with the Marvel Cinematic Universe character finally learning his ‘Glorious Purpose’. Loki’s arc is by far one of the best character arcs seen in the MCU and the credit goes to the writing. With the curtain drawn on the series, Loki’s head writer Eric Martin sat down with News18 Showsha for a quick chat.

The writer revealed that while he was aware of the high expectations associated with Loki, he let the character and the emotions drive the story. “Time travelling can be very complicated. I try to approach everything from character and emotion and let that drive things and then the time travel is just the texture of it that holds things together. The hardest thing in writing (it) is making sure that I am listening to those expectations but not being intimidated by them and letting that sprawl out of control because, at the end of the day, this is just about our great characters,” Martin said.

When asked to share which scene in the series was the hardest to write, the Marvel writer revealed that he expected the first interaction between Loki (Hiddleston) and OB (Ke Huy Quan) would be tough to write. However, that wasn’t the case.

“I thought, in the first episode in the scene where Loki is having a conversation with OB across time, I thought that was going to be the hardest one but when I sat down to write it, it just flowed out — from what we talked about in the (writers) room, it just made sense. It felt very straightforward,” he said.

Martin added that the toughest scenes for him to write in this series were the ones involving in-depth conversations. “I am not sure what the hardest part would be… I think anytime we are just sitting down with just two people (in the frame), those scenes could be difficult because the time is so precious. I think we get so few of these moments (in the series) where we can just sit and have people talk. You want to put so much into that but I think for them to resonate, they have to be pretty simple in the conversation. So every time we sit down to write one of those, I have a lot of pressure to do that correctly,” he said.

Apart from speaking about Loki, Martin also shared his thoughts about Indian cinema. He said that he has explored Indian cinema in the past but he hasn’t been able to catch up with the titles the country has to offer in the past year. “My past year has been jam-packed. RRR is on my queue and just waiting for me to watch. I need to watch it,” he said.

All episodes of Loki season 2 are now streaming of Disney+ Hotstar.

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