iOS 18 Update Could Be Big For iPhone Users In 2024: Here’s What You Can Expect
iOS 18 Update Could Be Big For iPhone Users In 2024: Here’s What You Can Expect
Apple is finally entering the AI arena with its next iOS version expected to pack a host of features that point in that direction.

iOS 17.4 beta was released earlier this month but all eyes are already set for the big iOS update that will be rolling later this year. The iOS 18 version promises to be a blockbuster update for iPhone users, not only because of the new features but also its overall design could see a major change. Apple is planning something big with the next iOS version and over here we give you details of the possible features that will be available to iPhone users in 2024.

iOS 18 Release Date

iOS 18 will most definitely get an early look at the WWDC 2024 keynote that usually happens around June every year. Apple will showcase the new features that will be coming to the new as well as the old iPhones later this year. The official release of iOS 18 should happen along with the launch of the iPhone 16 series.

iOS 18 Expected Features

So what does the iOS 18 update promise for iPhone users this year?

AI Boost For iOS

The biggest change we could see with iOS 18 is Apple’s entry into the world of AI like every other tech brand these days. iOS 18 could rely on Generative AI built into the device which gives Apple a definite advantage over its rivals and also keeps the user data secure rather than storing them on the cloud. Samsung has launched the AI features with the Galaxy S24 series in January with the help of Google, but Apple plans to go in-house for all the elements that can get its AI mission on the right track.

New Look Siri

Now that Apple wants to power LLMs into its model, Siri is an obvious choice to see improvements. Dare we say, Siri needs a complete overhaul, and having AI under its wing could give it the Assistant touch that Apple never managed to offer. Siri to sound more natural will be a good idea and making it give the answers in a personalised manner would give it a better chance to succeed. iOS 18 could see these changes and the new look Siri could promise a lot for the iPhone users.

RCS For iPhones, Finally

Apple has avoided getting into the RCS debate for a long time, and Google has tried everything to change that. Finally that is going to happen as iOS 18 could mark the entry of RCS messaging for iPhone users. RCS is likely to be announced with the new version when it releases in September. Having RCS means both iPhone and Android users finally have a messaging link that works across the platforms.

Apple’s focus on iOS 18 is expected to trickle down to iPadOS 18 as well which will be an interesting development to track in the coming months.

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