macOS Sequoia Will Let You Mirror iPhone To Macs And Do Everything: Here’s How
macOS Sequoia Will Let You Mirror iPhone To Macs And Do Everything: Here’s How
Apple is bringing the next-stage of continuity with iPhone mirroring that gives you all the functions even when the device is locked.

While Apple WWDC 2024 was mostly about its outlook on AI and how it wants to keep it private, Mac users got their share of new upgrades as well. The macOS 15 or Sequoia version will be rolling out for MacBooks launched after 2018 and offer AI features if you own the MacBook Air M1 or later models.

However, the most interesting aspect of the macOS version is the ability to mirror your iPhone to the big screen and unlike the other platforms, Apple is truly giving you full control on the smaller device. You can also seamlessly transition between a Mac and iPhone and send files directly from one device to another wirelessly.

iPhone Mirror With Continuity On Macs: How It Works

iPhone mirroring on macOS is possible thanks to the extended support from Continuity. Apple says you can view the iPhone screen on the Mac (like below) and access apps, open new ones and even receive notifications.

You might say that Windows already offers Phone Link for Android users with similar functions but Apple’s close knit integration of the hardware and software allows the company to take the mirroring deeper. “A user’s custom wallpaper and icons appear just like on their iPhone, and they can swipe between pages on their Home Screen, or launch and browse any of their favourite apps,” Apple explains in its post.

Where Apple really allows mirroring to flourish is the ability to transfer files with a simple drag and drop between the platforms. “Users can seamlessly drag and drop between iPhone and Mac, and a user’s iPhone remains locked, so nobody else can access or see what the user is doing,” the company adds in its post. More importantly, Apple says when you do the mirroring stuff, the device is locked, which ensures the privacy aspect is covered.

We have previously seen the iPhone act as a high-definition webcam for Macs (instead of actually upgrading the hardware), and as days pass, we are seeing Apple bring iOS and macOS closer than ever. What it does is that Apple now has a more convincing set of features that will prompt consumers to invest in the ecosystem rather than purchasing a MacBook to pair with their Android phone.

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