Northampton Store Owner Hails AI Cop Tech For Reduced Shoplifting
Northampton Store Owner Hails AI Cop Tech For Reduced Shoplifting
Shoplifting crimes recorded by police in England and Wales have risen to their highest level in 20 years.

In Northampton, UK, a local store owner has turned to innovative technology to combat the growing issue of shoplifting. Alex Kapadia, the proprietor of Morrisons Deli, reports a significant reduction in theft since he adopted RoboCop technology.

Frustrated with daily losses due to shoplifting, Kapadia sought a solution that would help secure his store. He discovered the AI cop face watch, a cutting-edge system designed to identify known thieves. Since installing this technology, Kapadia claims theft in his store has dropped by 90 per cent.

Kapadia was losing approximately £100 daily, amounting to about Rs 10,000. The AIcop face watch uses advanced facial recognition technology to match faces against a database of known criminals. When a match is found, the system alerts the store owner, allowing him to take preventative measures. This proactive approach has drastically reduced theft activities in his store.

“Because we look like a corporate store, criminals must have thought it was fair game and that we wouldn’t put up a fight. All of a sudden, we were getting crime every day. We had to do something,” Kapadia explained. Implementing the AIcop face watch has not only deterred thieves but also enhanced the overall security of the store.

Kapadia believes this technology could be beneficial on a larger scale. He advocates for its nationwide implementation to combat the widespread issue of shoplifting. Moreover, he suggests that such technology could help address the increasing number of attacks on store employees.

The rise in shoplifting is not limited to Kapadia’s store. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), shoplifting crimes in England and Wales have reached their highest level in 20 years. Last year, over 430,000 shoplifting incidents were recorded, marking a more than one-third increase compared to the previous 12 months until December 2022.

The effectiveness of RoboCop technology in reducing theft at Morrisons Deli highlights its potential as a valuable tool for retailers. As shoplifting continues to rise, more store owners might consider adopting similar technologies to safeguard their businesses.

While RoboCops may not replace human police officers, their increasing use in security demonstrates their potential to support law enforcement efforts and enhance public safety. The success of the AIcop face watch at Morrisons Deli is a promising indicator of what the future may hold for retail security.

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