5 Easy Water Workouts For Beginners
5 Easy Water Workouts For Beginners
Just like you do lunges as part of your normal fitness routine, you can do the same inside a pool as well.

Working out regularly is quite crucial to leading a healthy life. But maintaining this routine is quite difficult in this warm and humid weather. The excess sweat and fatigue throughout the day are reasons why many people develop an apathy towards working out in the summer.

For all those who do not want to miss out on their fitness goals yet are concerned about battling the heat, water workouts are the best solution. This form of exercise refers to workouts done in water at varying depths.

Easy Exercises You Can Do Inside a Pool-

  1. Water jogging-This is an easy exercise for all beginners. Begin by walking forward as you are immersed in waist-high water. You can take about 10–20 steps forward, then the same distance backwards. Increase the speed to make it more tough.
  2. Lunges-Just like you do lunges as part of your normal fitness routine, you can do the same inside a pool as well. Begin by standing near the pool wall to get support, then take a large lunge forward. Make sure not to let the knee in front of you go past your toes. Return to the starting position, then repeat with the opposite leg.
  3. One leg balance-Stand on one leg, and raise the other knee to hip level. Hold for up to 30 seconds, then swap legs. If you have difficulties with balance, attempt this exercise while holding onto the pool’s side or without a noodle.
  4. Arm raises-Immerse deep enough in the pool to cover your shoulders. Hold your arms at your sides and bend your elbows 90 degrees. Raise your arms outward towards the water surface while keeping your elbows bent and your shoulders down. Then, bring them back to your sides.
  5. Knee lift- Stand with your back to the pool wall with both feet on the floor. Lift one knee in a marching position. Straighten your knee until your leg is parallel to the pool floor. Continue this several times and then switch to the opposite leg.

However, before you try water workouts, make sure to ask a physician if your body is suitable for them. Also, try to go slowly, as there are chances for you to slip and injure yourself inside the pool.

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